Digital Media

Digital Media Services

A Dedicated Social Media Manager. Your social media will be managed by a dedicated professional. Social Media Content That Fits Your Branding. We customize the content on your social outlets to both deliver your messaging and interact with fans and followers in a special way, your way! We will track which posts increased interactions and engagement so we’ll be able to craft more like them Social Business Page Creation with Cover, Profile Image and Messaging. In case you don’t have one, we will create for you a page from scratch! Targeted Social Media Campaign Management Across All Platforms. We’ll run social media campaigns to increase your user base and keep them sticky! Providing Services on All Social Platforms Including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snap Chat, Pinterest and many more.

Digital Media Brand-Direct Solutions

Digital Media brand-direct solutions result in one-to-one relationships between consumers and brands. Leveraging the DMS toolset, including our first-party data asset, our proprietary technology and our expansive media reach, DMS brand-direct solutions are advertiser-branded campaigns targeted to high-intent consumers.

  • One-To-One Solution: One consumer connected to one advertiser client
  • Advertiser-Branded Campaigns: Ads and creative elements branded based on advertiser client specifications
  • Customized Programs: Campaigns built to achieve or exceed unique advertiser client KPIs
  • Pay-For-Performance Model: DMS controls advertising spend across digital channels, delivering customers and near customers to the advertiser client