Managing Director’s Desk

Er. Manish Kumar is Master in Computer Application from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka. He is having 7+ years’ experience in Top multinational & domestic companies.

Over the years, we have seen a consistent shift in the trends and technologies used to start a new business and let it grow. The entire journey is a long one and various tools and technologies have helped small as well as large enterprises bloom. We made the best out of the changing trends. We captured the very need of every business in today’s day – being digitally present. By providing services that help businesses all over the globe, from various industries, we have understood what businesses and even customers expect from the digital world. And we have learned and innovated our approach every single day.
Starting what was effectively a new company, we needed to establish a presence and make a name for ourselves in a highly competitive market – from an economic as well as a strategic point of view – but with amazing support from clients, partners, and dedicated staff, we have indeed managed to build an extraordinary name in the industry.
We have grown tremendously and are eagerly looking to the future. We have expanded our reach to a global level and we are blessed to have clients from all over the world. Today, we have positioned ourselves as a trusted name for mobile and web IT solutions along with a growth solutions provider for businesses. My target is to make ART Valley DigiTech a successful company that is a combination of technology and digital marketing and strategy delivering solutions.
ART Valley DigiTech has been delivering software solutions that are building top technologies for about a decade now. We want to believe and implement binding technologies with perfection in all the work we do. Our extensive expertise in digital transformation leads our clients to the digital age by influencing end-user experience, business innovation, and business efficiency. Our capabilities, including AI and Blockchain, coupled with the latest digital marketing and e-commerce trends, are providing the much-needed value our customers are seeking.
We also aim to develop an ecosystem where not just the clients, but our employees feel empowered. I believe that when employees are happy and content, they can be themselves and contribute well to our company’s growth. We have always strived to maintain open communication and a transparent system at ART Valley DigiTech to bring the best and the most creative essence out of every employee. I am always happy and open to indulge in discussion with clients, employees and colleagues to help and learn as the learning should never stop.
Looking forward to connecting and working with you in various ways.
Er. Manish Kumar
CEO & Founder